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EZ Improvements: A different kind of contractor

EZ Improvements specializes in repairs and improvements for residential and small businesses, with an emphasis on nonprofits and good causes. I want to help you do good in the greater Milwaukee area. EZ Improvements was founded because I wanted to have greater latitude to follow my own ethical standards in my work.


EZ Improvements does building improvements, repairs and custom crafting including but not limited to: carpentry, electrical, plumbing, flooring, drywall, welding, doors and windows, etc. I also specialize in creating custom-made awards or gifts using materials with special sentimental or historical value.


With a background in education, I am also committed to empowering homeowners who would like to become “do-it-yourselfers.” I am happy to work with you, teaching you to do as much or as little of a project as you are comfortable with; this can not only help you save money but also increase your pride in and connection to your project, making it your own creative expression.


EZ Improvements is committed to environmental sustainability. You will see evidence of this in my work. For example, don’t be surprised if, when coming to consult and measure (when we’re not hauling tools and materials), I arrive by motorcycle or even bicycle. Don’t be surprised if I talk to you about recycling, reusing or donating unwanted materials and about using recycled, reused or surplus materials to save you money and help the earth. Don’t be surprised if I arrive in a car with a small trailer or a roof rack rather than a large truck. Many of the measures I take to help the earth also reduce overhead so I can pass these savings on to you. You can also feel good knowing that your project will be a sustainable one.


The name “EZ Improvements” comes from my initials, Eric Zentner. I left the education field after 18 years as a high-school teacher of English and Theater in protest against declining standards and unethical practices. For more information about this:




If you are a homeowner, a nonprofit organization, or a small business that shares these values and is looking for a different kind of contractor, please contact EZ Improvements at:


414-352-35OO (home office)

414-795-OOO8 (cell) 






About this Website:

Every project or product photo you see on this website was done by me, either professionally, as a volunteer, or at my own home for my family. No stock photos were used in this website. Special thanks to our friend, Letitia Berghammer, for designing my great logo, business cards and letterhead, and to my wife, Jenna Kunde, who taught herself website development so that she could create this website, an essential component of my business.

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