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Client Feedback



Dear Eric,


      Thank you again for the beautiful job.

If any potential customer wants to hear

from people who would recommend you,

please feel free to provide my

phone #. I will give you a glowing


                                        Thanks Again!








Dear Eric, 


Thanks so much for all your work on this project. I am happy that your starting in this business coincided with my need for a high-quality and highly skilled workman to take over for what I couldn't do. As time went on, I was very happy to have a few days and hours of working together with you on the project, too. You had a lot of excellent building information and skills that I needed.


Please consider this as an endorsement of your work on this project and a reference for others who may be considering your services.




Andy and Cindy









We have a friend, Eric Zentner, who recently started a home-improvement / handyman business and he is one of the most honest, ethical people we know and we wanted to recommend him to our friends. He's done work for us (re-built a section of our shed; plumbing work; other things) and the quality is excellent with a fair price. 


Eric does all kind of small jobs including carpentry, repairs, non-permit plumbing and electrical work, etc. He does pretty much anything except roofing, landscaping and large painting jobs. For smaller jobs (8 hours or fewer) he charges $60 per hour plus a $30 trip charge. For larger jobs, he will give you an estimate. He lives in Glendale. 



Have a great weekend! 


Annemarie and Bill 

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