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What do I charge?


For small projects (under 8 hours) I charge $60 per hour plus a $30 trip charge in Milwaukee County (trip charges higher outside Milwaukee County).


For larger projects (over 8 hours), I will give you a written estimate for labor charges. If conditions arise that would necessitate charging more than the estimate, I would discuss this with you before proceeding. Materials and labor will be itemized separately. I can purchase and deliver materials to the jobsite and then retain the receipt for reimbursement.


Am I Insured?


Yes, I have contractor's liability insurance through Acuity Insurance Company, policy number Z09855. This policy covers property I am working on, premises where I am working, medical expenses, personal injury, and vehicles owned, rented or operated by my business. In addition I have auto insurance and health insurance.



Am I Licensed?


Yes, I have the Wisconsin Dwelling Contractor License, Credential ID: DC-101500064


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